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Open Government Declaration

    Announcement of Open Information on Government Website 

    1. Scope of the grand of license

    In order to promote the convenience when using the information on this website, Chiayi County Government hereby grants a free, non-exclusive, and sub-licensable right to the public to use all information and materials published on its website subject to the copyrights protection for reproduction, adaptation, edit, public transmission or other uses to develop any kind of product or service (hereinafter referred to as the “Value-added Derivatives”) at any time and any location. This grant of license is irrevocable. Nor does any user needs to obtain the license from the Authority in writing or other form. However, the source shall be cited with each use.

    1. Further explanations:
      1. The grant of license is limited to the scope of protection under copyrights, and does not extend to other intellectual property rights, including but not limited to patent, trademark, and the provision of the Authority’s logo. 
      2. For any personal information disclosed by a subject voluntarily or as required by law, each user shall follow the requirements under the Personal Information Protection Act with respect to the collection, processing, and use thereof, develop and enforce the corresponding measures required by the laws. 
      3.  The use of certain videos, images, column articles, or other works may be subject to the permission of the Authority as expressly specified. 
    2. No use shall infringe any author’s right of any third party (including name, and prohibition on improper alternation). 
    3. When using any information or material under this license, do not change any relevant information with an ill intent. Each user is solely liable under the civil and criminal laws for any information different from the original information and materials. 
    4. The grant of license hereunder does not authorize any user to suggest, recognize, or agree upon the status of their Value-added Derivatives on behalf of the Authority. 

    Welcome to Chiayi County Government Website! For a safer use of all services provided on this website, our statement of website information security is shown as below: