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    Chiayi County(2 cities, 2 towns, 14 villages )
    Location: Mt. Jade to the east; Taiwan Strait to the west; Tainan County to the south; Yunlin County to the north.
    Area: 1,903 square kilometers, accounting for 5.35% of that of Taiwan area
    Population: About 520,000 people
    2 cities, 2 towns, 14 villages
    Geographical characteristics: The Tropic of Cancer runs through Chiayi, creating a landscape that is different from other places also having the Tropic of Cancer runs through them. In those places, most of them have either desserts or semi-desserts, while Taiwan has forests as a result of the abundant rainfall brought by the trade wind and airstreams.
    Transportation: Taiwan is located in a key position in Asia Pacific. Flying to the 7 most important cities in Asia Pacific takes an average of 2.55 hours. Being located in Central Southern Taiwan, Chiayi is easily accessible. With completion of the High-Speed Rail, it will take a mere one hour to travel to Taipei and half an hour to Kaohsiung.