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Dapu Township

    In September 1950, adjustments were made to administrative regions. Chiayi City became a county governed city and assigned Chiayi Region and Dongshi Region, thus Chiayi County was established. The township consists of 5 villages: Dapu, Jiadong, Sising, Yongle and Heping. The total area of the township measures 173 square kilometers, more than 90% of the land is protected or state-owned; farmland makes up only 5.2%. When the Cengwen reservoir was constructed, the river valley had already been flooded, greatly reducing areas suitable for cultivation. Strict regulations made agricultural development extremely difficult. The township has only 3 access roads—northwards to Fanlu and Jhongpu and southwards to Nanxi Township of Tainan County. Typhoons and torrential rain bring landslides which damage the roads, in turn limiting the promotion of tourism and local industries.  

     In recent years, active planning has been enacted to improve tourism transportation, agriculture development and local culture. The goal is to revitalize the standard of life quality in the township through construction projects and participation of community residents.

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