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Fanlu Township

    The township is slanted from east to west with an inclined altitude between 100 to 1,500 meters. The area measures 117.5 square kilometers. Currently it has eleven villages. The main economic activity is farming, and major products are high altitude tea leaves, flowers and plants; fruits include persimmons, oranges and tangerines and grapefruit, etcetera. The township’s tour sites are distributed between the eleven villages, each with its unique scenery:

    1. Jioulongshan Temple(Jiangsi Village)

    2. Yide Temple, Renyitan(Neiwong Village) 3. Dongyang Golf Resort (Sinfu Village) 4. Tongnian Resort(Siakeng Village) 5. Old Banyan Fig (Fanlu Village) 6. Bantianyan Ziyun Temple(Minhe Village) 7. Longyin Temple(Chukou Village) 8. Jianshan Trail,、Fonghuang Waterfall(Dahu) 9. Syongdi Waterfall (Gongsing Village) 10. Siding leisure zone (Gongtian Village) 11. Hulugu(Caoshan Village) The Fanlu townspeople are honest and friendly. We welcome all of you to come and enjoy our tea, have fun and taste the freshness.

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