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Six major political views

    Establish a new committee for agricultural development to enhance income for farmers and fishermen.

    Chiayi is an agricultural county, and agriculture and fishing are the lifeline of its economic development. In view of the technological reforms and diversification of distribution channels for agriculture and fisheries, and their need to transform and innovate in their producer-consumer relationships and branding, it is necessary for the government to cultivate more channels for producers to produce products that can better meet the demands of consumers in order to be rid of the anxiety of blind production.

    Therefore, the county government will establish a new “Agricultural Development Committee” to provide assistance in technology, funds, marketing, and channel cultivation for farmers and fishermen to equip peasants with product supply and price negotiation abilities in either land-use-based or facility-use-based production.

    A working team formed by the government will help farmers and fishermen to create stable market channels using big data and IoT and by organizing matching meetings for channel operators and producers in order to increase the production income of farmers and fishermen.

    成立新農業發展委員會 提高農漁民所得