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Republic of China Era (1945-)

     In August 1945, Japan surrendered and Taiwan was restored to China. In accordance with the local administrative regions of the Japanese reigns, Taiwan was divided into 8 counties and 9 provincial cities. Tainan State was restructured as Taiwan County; Chiayi City was upgraded as third-class provincial city. The original Chiayi Region and Dongshi Region were turned into Chiayi District and Dongshi District. The regional office was renamed district office; the village administration was renamed township hall; the town administration was renamed town hall.
      In April 1946 the “aboriginal preservation” under Chiayi District was restructured into Wufong Township; in June Shuishang Township was incorporated into Chiayi City (provincial city) with the original township hall renamed district administration center; in August Taibao Township was incorporated into Chiayi City with the original township hall renamed district administration center.
      In September 1950 Taiwan Provincial Government announced the proposal to adjust the administrative regions of county/city governments. Chiayi Region and Dongshi Region of Tainan County were reassigned to Chiayi City, which was turned into a county-ruled city with all the districts abolished. Chiayi County Government was formed in October. The original staff of the city government was incorporated into the staff of the county government. The Shuishang and Taibao district administration centers were renamed Shuishang Township Hall and Taibao Township Hall. In October 1951 Chiayi City Hall was established. There were 19 townships, towns and cities under Chiayi County Government.
      In December 1953 the townships, towns and cities under Chiayi County Government went through reorganization: Chiayi City 105 boroughs, Putze Town 24 boroughs, Budai Town 23 boroughs, Dalin Town 21 boroughs, Taibao Township 17 villages, Shuishang Township 27 villages, Minhsiung Township 28 villages, Hsicou Township 15 villages, Meishan Township 16 villages, Jhuci Township 24 villages, Fanlu Township 11 villages, Jhungpu Township 20 villages, Dapu Township 5 villages, Wufong Township 14 villages, Yijhu Township 25 villages, Lutsao Township 16 villages, Dongshi Township 23 villages, Liaojiao Township 26 villages, Hsingang Township 23 villages. 
      In December 1978 the Executive Yuan approved upgrade of Chiayi City to a provincial city. In December 1981 Chiayi County Council sanctioned the proposal to establish Dongshiliao Farm of Taibao Township as the new home of Chiayi County Government.
      In July 1982 Chiayi City became a provincial city.
      In March 1989 Wufong Township was renamed Alishan Township
      In July 1991 Taibao Township was restructured Taibao City. In November Chiayi County Government relocated to Hsiangho New Village of Taibao City. In September 1992 Putze Town was restructured Putze City.
      There are now 2 cities, 2 towns and 14 townships within the territory of Chiayi County: Taibao City, Putze City, Budai Town, Dalin Town, Shuishang Township, Minhsiung Township, Hsicou Township, Meishan Township, Jhuci Township, Fanlu Township, Jhungpu Township, Dapu Township, Alishan Township, Yijhu Township, Lutsao Township, Dongshi Township, Liaojiao Township, Hsingang Township.