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Cultivation by Han People

     In the Ming Dynasty, pursued General Yu Da-you, pirate Lin Cian retreated to Taiwan and settled in Dakuibi (Yenshui Town of Tainan County today) and Pipuoyung (Shuishang Township today).  

     In November of the 2nd year of Emperor Wanli (1574) Fujian pirate Lin Fong relocated from Penghu to Dongfan Wanggang. Defeated by General Hu Zong-ren, Lin Fong and his cohorts were disbanded. In November of the 3rd year of Emperor Wanli (1575), Lin Fong made a fruitless attempt to invade Fujian and after the failure entered Guangdong leaving his ships behind in his hideout in Wanggang.   

    From the account we learn that Han people’s cultivation in Chiayi County began primarily with Pipuoyung and Wanggang. The latter became a base in which Chinese pirates came in contact with fishermen and indigenous people.   

    Wanggang continued to be the headquarters of pirates. Han people also based their operations on Wanggang. From there their cultivation move toward the inland areas.  

     In the 1st year of Emperor Tianci (1621), Yen His-ci (?-1625) occupied part of the land of Taiwan with his fellow pirates and operated from his headquarters in Wanggang. He divided his cohorts into 10 strongholds for scheduled raids.   

    According to some, the 10 strongholds were near the so-called “external 9 villages” during the early rule of the Cing Dynasty. According to Kao Gong-cian’s “Taiwan State Chronicle” the “external 9 villages” referred to: Dakuibi (downtown area of Yenshui Town of Tainan County today), Jingshuigang (Jingshui Borough of Yenshui Town today), Hsiaciadong (Jiadong Village of Houbi Township of Tainan County today), Lutzetsao (Lutsao, Hsijing and Ludong Villages of Lutsao Township today), Guifushan (Guifushan of Jhushan Village, Lutsao Township today), Nanshijhu (Nanshijhu of Nanjhu Village, Yijhu Township today or Nanshijhu of Nanjhu Borough, Putze City today), Guitzegang (Shunan Borough of Putze City today), Dahsiaokanglang (Taigo, Daan and Renho Boroughs of Putze City today), Daciutian (Kanhou of Putze City, Jhuchun Borough, or inner area of Jianlong Borough, Budai Town today).  

     In the 5th year of Emperor Tianci (1625), Jheng Jhi-long (1604-1661) joined Yen His-ci. Two months later Yen His-ci fell ill and died after returning from a hunting trip in Jhuluoshan. Jheng Jhi-long succeeded Yen His-ci and became the head of all Taiwan-based pirates.  

     In September of the 1st year of Emperor Chungjhen (1628), Jheng Jhi-long and his followers surrendered to General Hsiung Wen-tsan. Jheng Jhi-long left Taiwan for development along the coastline of Mainland China.