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County Logo

    County tree

    Formosan Gold Rain
    • Formosan Gold Rain (Sapindaceae, deciduous arbor)
      History:In 2000, an activity was held to select the county tree of Chiayi. Five were picked for Chiayi residents to make a final decision: Autumn maple, Taiwanese Red Juniper, Common Garcinia, African Tulip, and Formosan Gold Rain. Chiayi residents chose Formosan Gold Rain to be their county tree.
      Sgnificance: Formosan Gold Rain is unique to Taiwan, generally known as “Kujianjiu.” In the spring, its young leaves are red and tender. At the end of summer, yellow flowers bloom. Its fruits are bright red and cute. In late autumn, its leaves turn yellow. It is considered a fine tree to be planted by the street and in the garden.

    County flower

    • Magnolia (Magnoliaceae, evergreen) History: In 1985, a survey was conducted to pick magnolia as the county flower of Chiayi. At that time, magnolias were popular among locals. Many had the flowers in their gardens. They were loved because of their fragrance. At the railway station and intersections, vendors were often seen selling magnolias. Women and the elderly were particularly fond of magnolias, wearing them and putting them in the living room.
      Significance: Magnolia is considered a tree of good luck, symbolizing good fortune. It features long oval leaves with wavy edges and often used to make bookmarks. Its petals are either milk white or gold with florescence beginning late spring till summer. It is a hardy plant suitable for gardens and making large bonsais.。

    Swinhoe's Blue Pheasant

    Swinhoe's Blue Pheasant
    • History: In 1999, a county bird selection activity was held. Three were picked for Chiayi residents to make a final decision: Swinhoe's Blue Pheasant, Maroon Oriole, and Collared Bush Robin. Chiayi residents chose Swinhoe's Blue Pheasant to be their county bird.
      Significance: Swinhoe's Blue Pheasant is unique to Taiwan. In the old days, they were often seen in mountains of medium and low elevations. They are becoming rare and classified by world animal protection alliances as one of the wild birds facing extinction, the same as Mikado's Pheasant. They generally roost in primeval broad-leaved forests, edge of forests and look for food early in the morning or in the evening. They feed primarily on insects, shoots, berries, and seeds.

    County emblem

    County emblem
    • History:
      The green arc stands for Chiayi’s prosperous sophisticated agriculture, while the shape of a mountain the landmark of Chiayi County -- Mount Ali, a well-known tourist attraction. The orange circle represents the rising sun and the vigorous county government, while the bluish wave the newly-opened Budai Commercial Harbor, which is going to bring ever-lasting development to the county.