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Brief introduction

    Chang-liang WENG County Magistrate
    • Deputy Minister, Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan
    • Commissioner, Social Affairs Bureau, Chiayi County Government
    • Director, Human Resources Development Center, Chiayi County Government
    • Specialist, Information Department, Taichung City Government
    • Secretary to Magistrate Mark Chen, Tainan County Government
    • Chief Commander, Student Group, 1988 Peasant Movement
    • Field Commanding Officer, 1990 Wild Lily Student Movement
    • Director, Department of Youth Development, Democratic Progressive Party
    • Deputy Director, Cultural Propaganda Department, Democratic Progressive Party
    • MBA, Department of Nonprofit Organization Management, Nan Hua University
    • BS, Department of Information & Computer Engineering, Chung Yuan Christian University, Taiwan
    • National Chiayi Senior High School
    • Yijhu Junior High School, Chiayi County
    • Yijhu Elementary School, Chiayi County