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Meishan Township

    I. Origin of Meishan
      Meishan was originally a place at the foot of hill through which businesspeople must pass. Some sell rice cake porridge by the riverbank; porridge is referred to as “Mi” by the Fujian people. Legend has it that due to the similar sound of “Mei” and “Mi,” the name “Meizaikung” had appeared early on in the Chiayi County records. Meishan Township was originally “Meizaihkung Village, Damaodongbao, Tiansing County, Chengtianfu.” In the Japanese ruling period, it was renamed “Meizaikung District” and later on “Siaomei Village.” After restoration, it was changed to “Meishan” and the name is still used today. The township has jurisdiction over 18 villages.

    II. The future of Meishan—a township of healthy learning
      The hard work of people from different industries to develop infrastructure and more in Meishan has proven to be quite successful. However, tangible construction work is not the only thing that matters; creating a township that promotes healthy learning is also of great concern to all. Thus, the township will continuously hold exhibits and large-scaled cultural events which integrate industries, tourism and culture in hopes of improving the quality of life for a bright and beautiful future.

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