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Budai Township

     Budai Township is located in the southwest corner of the Chianan Plain, bordering the Taiwan Strait. The township consists of mostly flat land, formed from silting of the Bazhangxi. The land area measures approximately 59 square kilometers, with Dongshi Township to the north. Puzi City is to the northeast. Yizhu Township is to the southeast, separated by the Bazhangxi (Bazhang River). Beimen Township of Tainan County is located to the southwest. Budai township is a traditional coastal fishing town with a flourishing fish and shrimp farming industry, which is especially well known for its milkfish and oysters. The township also has commercial and yachting harbors, as well as a state-level mangrove forest ecology care district, with plans to make it the National Coastal Eco Park. 

     Yantian (mountain), the tourist fish market, Blue high heel,Outdoors Gallery of the Southwest : sea world in Haomeili Village - 3D Painting, man made beaches, seascape parks, coastal forests, Haomei Village Ecology Protection District, temples, ancient sights, fishing villages, lakes, and bird watching are many of the activities that attract sightseers to travel to Budai over a 2-day weekend. As a result, related industry culture and natural ecological landscapes have become the main attractions of Budai Township. The township provides the public with a comprehensive coastal ecology education, making Budai Township a great travel destination.


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