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    Railway diplomatic gain one more victory! Alishan Forest Railway is expected to be World Heritage. print
    Railway diplomatic gained one more victory! Chiayi County welcomed railway experts from around the world come to visit Luman station in Jhuci on May 5. The annual meeting for six days and the Taiwan railway visit were held by Asian Heritage Railway Tourism Organization (APHTRO). Alishan Forest Railway was the finale of the trip and Chiayi county government expected that tourism image of Taiwan would be promoted and Forest Railway became more popular through international exchanges. Hence, being authorized as the World Heritage is not just an unreachable dream.

    APHTRO is organized by heritage, railroad tourism and museum operators. Railway Cultural Society, Taiwan is officially national members in this organization representing Taiwan. APHTRO annual general meeting is hosted in turn by each member state; coincidentally, this year's host was in Taiwan. It is worth pointing out that the many heavyweight attend, mostly railroad management on behalf of the countries of the world, such as David Morgan, the President of WATTRAIN (The World Association of Tourist Trams & Trains), Lord Faulkner of Worcester, Chairman of the House of Lords in the United Kingdom, Chairman of Indian National Railway Museum, the incumbent Indian Heritage Railway CEO Rajesh Agrawal and his wife, as well as Al Freihat Mahmound, pre director of Jordan public transport Bureau, the director of international relations Jordan Railway Bureau currently and his wife also attended.

    Alishan Forest Railway was included in potential sites in Taiwan of World Heritage and identified as one of the most representative of tourism sites. Due to the international political factors, it is insufficient international experience that Taiwan could only involve with non-governmental organizations in worldwide organization. Only by the government' assistance to break down barriers do possibility application of the World Heritage increase.

    Chiayi County government spares no effort to promote the railway culture, and certainly attends this feast of international exchanges, particularly in Luman station. Magistrate Chang signed contract with present guests to promote Alishan Forest Rail to become an important world heritage convention. With efforts from all circles, people would concern more about preservation of railroad assets in Taiwan.
    The Alishan Forest Railway train station trip broke through traditional visit mode and altered to focus on railroad construction methods and landscape along the road so that guests could experience the rich landscape of Alishan railway and cultural customs. It means that the county government actively demonstrates "Cruise Train" concept and, compared to the current operating mode, the cruise-style train is more attractive and break tourists visiting time limit. County emphasized that the degree of railroad preservation and promotion of tourism are conflicting to a certain extent. Only when people travel and experience the fun of railway culture do they realize the importance of railway culture preservation and raise public recognition. Succeed in application of the World Heritage becomes more feasible.