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    Chiayi Agricultural Team goes to Hong Kong to explore new export trade opportunities for farm produce and local products print

    Led by Deputy Magistrate Wu Jung-hui of Chiayi County, the agricultural team went to Hong Kong and held a trade show at the Peninsular Hotel to promote Chiayi’s farm produce on July 18, accomplishing satisfactory results. Famers’ associations at various levels, enterprises, and marketing channels in Hong Kong signed the purchase contract and memorandum with a value of US$5.95 million. Deputy Magistrate Wu pointed out agriculture is the key to Chiayi’s economics. With innovations in fishery and agricultural technology and newly launched diverse marketing channels, the county government will establish an exchange platform and a purchase platform to launch Chiayi’s best products on the international arena.

    Composed of Chiayi County Farmers’ Association, other farmers’ association from townships, towns, and cities, and enterprises, the agricultural team hold a trade show in the Peninsular Hotel in Hong Kong on the 18th to introduce Chiayi’s best and quality farm produce and local products to local enterprises, traders, and marketing channels. One to one interviews were conducted to discuss cooperation matters. Both sides had vivid exchanges.  

    The Agricultural Department expressed that with the exchange of traders and marketing channels of both sides and the tasting activities, it was a successful activity to encourage the signing of an MOU between Mei Shan Farmers’ Association and Hong Kong Tea Art Centre. In the future, with actual exchanges, the tea of both sides will be exchanged frequently. In the one-to-one matching conference of Zhuqi Farmers’ Association of Chiayi 20 contracts of pears’ test marketing were signed with the Hong Kong traders. In addition, PAI HHUM CO. of Chiayi and Shing Kee Lan Co. Ltd. signed a purchase contract of farm produce. Through the marketing system of Shing Kee Lan, it will purchase pearl guava, red flesh guava, yellow watermelon, papaya, persimmon, and other kinds of fruits from PAI HHUM CO. with a value of US$ 2.5 million (for 3 years).

    Director-General Hsu, Chang-min of the Agriculture Department pointed out in this trade show, it left deep impression on Hong Kong buyers regarding Chiayi’s farm produce and local products. The farmers’ association and businesses participated in it is estimated to have received orders at the value of US$ 2.45 million in 1 year, plus an order of US$ 2.5 million of PAI HHUM CO., it achieved the sales of US$ 5.95 million with orders in for 1 year, performing brilliantly.

    Deputy Magistrate Wu pointed out that Hong Kong is one of the export markets of the 5 major farm produce in Taiwan. Chiayi has an ideal geographical environment, allowing it to produce high quality farm produce in Taiwan, earning a major position in the market. The major purpose of the Hong Kong visit conducted by the Chiayi county government team was mainly to explore export channels and allow Hong Kong buyers to understand Chiayi’ quality farm produce and local product better. Establishing a long-term cooperation, it endeavors to create a win-win situation.

    In this visit, the participants of the agriculture team in the Hong Kong visit included the Chiayi County Farmers’ Association, Taibao City Farmers’ Association, Meishan township Farmers’ Association, Minxiong township Farmers’ Association, Zhuqi Farmers’ Association, Zhongpu Township Farmers’ Association, Xikou township Farmers’ Association, Alishan Township Farmers’ Association, Li Li En Food Co. Ltd., and PAI HHUM CO., a total of 10 farmers’ associations and enterprises