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Puzi City

About the Supervisor

About the SupervisorAbout the Supervisor

Name: Wang, Ru-Jing
Department of International Business Management, Toko University
  1. 13th Director of Township Representative, Puzih Township
2. Office 3rd Citizen Representative, Puzih City
3. 10th President, Junior Chamber
4. 8th Chairperson, Pei-Tian Temple
5. 16th County Councilor, Chiayi County
6. 9th (Current) Chairperson, Pei-Tian Temple

Telephone: (05) 379 3460
E-mail: cyhgc207@mail.cyhg.gov.tw
Blog: http://tw.myblog.yahoo.com/jw!onFhap.CBQ37qywytc9pVS0-